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We recently used Entourage for our wedding last month. I would recommend them without hesitation. I was more nervous that I didn't speak with them often and was using songs from an ipod, as well as them live. But the day of, they were beyond organized and had a flow of music that had my wedding up the ENTIRE night. They played international music and the exact slow songs we picked. They left me to do the minimal things required, which I loved! Our bridal party had foreign names which were pronounced perfect! I think a band and food can make a wedding and Entourage exceeded my expectations.
Wedding: 11/23/2013
Services Used: Band Reviewed On: 12/10/2013
The Franklin Wayne Music band "Entourage" was out of this world!!! I worked with Rasheeda, who is also the lead singer of the band, and she was so wonderful to work with (not to mention gorgeous!). This band rocked the house on my wedding day! I chose my exact playlist where I checked off every single song I wanted them to play and emailed Rasheeda to please not veer off my playlist (I was a total control freak at this point). She assured me they were going to 'read the room' to see the type of music everyone likes and to trust her. And I am so happy I trusted her and the band to do their thing because the songs I picked out were great songs but were all types of genres and wouldn't have meshed well. They are phenomenal at what they do and deserve every last cent of what they charge. My guests were so pumped up and their energy and the band's energy were so in sync. Some of my guests ran up to the band after the wedding for business cards. My friends and family still talk about the band from my wedding. All I want to say is...Entourage, you are amazing!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen my husband dance so much in my life and you made me such a happy bride! My words really can't describe how talented you are. 

Suzanne (10/26/2013)
Wedding: 10/26/2013
Services Used: Band Reviewed On: 01/10/2014
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