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Franklin Wayne Music was founded in 1972. We started as a booking agency for top-40 bands throughout Long Island, NY, and New Jersey. Shortly thereafter, we expanded to include road venues such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. In 1985, Franklin Wayne Music concentrated their efforts in the ever growing wedding market on Long Island. We found out at the time that wedding bands were just thrown together, unrehearsed, and not very dynamic. Since that time we have always prided ourselves on producing bands that were set units thoroughly rehearsed, and playing together each week.

To keep our bands contemporary, we always make an effort to introduce new, young, attractive, talented performers. Our bands sound like the original music and are always entertaining and versatile. We play all styles of music in order to please all age groups at your affair, but we can definitely appeal to a younger audience as well.

We feel that a band lends a certain degree of "class & elegance" to any formal affair. Nothing really compares to a great live band and we can assure you that the dance floor will be crowded from the first song to the last. Find out why Franklin Wayne Music is recommended by more caterers than any company on Long Island. Give us a call to be invited to one of our live showcases!

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